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FXMA through Aleda Capital offer two strategies across the Forex and Gold markets. Below is an overview of each strategy that we currently offer.

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Elatus Strategy: 
Investment Universe: Margin FX
The Elatus strategy is unique in that it analyses big data from some of the world’s largest retail brokers to understand the global FX market trends. It then places trades based on the analysis. The strategy uses G8 country pairings only. The execution of the strategy takes place after key indicators are met based on historical performance of trading patterns in line with current market conditions.

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Phyllo Strategy: 
Investment Universe: Gold vs USD
The Phyllo strategy is designed to buy and sell trade positions as a basket of equally sized smaller trades; with a goal to exit the positions in profit; however some trades may sometimes incur losses. The Phyllo strategy uses a complex blend of sophisticated indicators to identify trends in the gold market and execute trades at the required time; this ensures risk management is kept at the forefront of the trading strategy to reduce the potential of or for losses over time.

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